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User Experience Architect and Designer

If you are confused by this site, you should be. Life is a journey. My path lead me from a young artist and visual communication designer to a user experience architect. The work below is a snapshot of the creative projects I've lead over the years. I enjoy taking photos, painting and solving problems using art and design.

Design Capabilities

Lenticular Design, Trends International

Consumer Product Design, Photography, Motion Graphics

Educated by one of the inventors of lenticular technology, Dan became an expert in the lenticular industry. Complete understanding from conceptualizing art to final manufacturing of this lost art of 3D and motion printing. All prints have each been sourced in both USA and Far East printing facilities, and substrate manufacturing. The use of motion graphics, typography, photography and the motion picture industry to produce consumer purchased wall décor. Developed products using mass media and licensed materials. Other products developed using this technology: clocks, children's drinkware and plates, backpacks, calendars, home lighting and stationary.

Licensed samples here: Licensed Art Gallery »

Product Packaging, CAD Professional Microphones

Design Product Packaging & Photography

CAD is a professional microphone manufacturer. Dm Design was brought on board to design and develop a new consumer-focused branding of their existing professional microphone packages. New typography and image treatments were used to speak a consumer language rather than the technical professional musician. Eventually this body of work led to re-branding their professional line of packages for all their microphones. Dm Design was also responsible for all commercial photography of each product for these packages.

Attaq Riffworks

Skills: UI

Designed a single effect module for a guitar sequencing application called Riffworks by Sonoma Wireworks. Was part of a team of designers who were challenged with creating rack like modules which are used in the recording and music industry for guitar players.
Link to product site:

Website Design, ALCO Manufacturing Co.

Business to Business Website; Skills: UX/UI

Developed and maintain website and content for midwestern manufacturing company. Developed a viewer experience using clean navigation system and simple to read content design. Skills used were typography and layout, coding and page optimizing for searchability. Use of CSS and HTML for main pages, and PHP for contact page. Server integration and file management.
Link to live site:

Website Design/Shopping System, ThoughtWorks LTD.

Consumer Retail / Manufacturing

Developed and maintain website and content for a consumer product manufacturing company. Products were sold mostly at retail locations such as Walmart, Things Remembered, Successories, and other "big box" retail stores. Developed a website to continue to offer products when out of season or closing out. Developed using PHP, HTML, Flash and CSS to create simplicity and easy to read website. Since the nature of this company was to create motion based products, Flash was used on all products pages to demonstrate movemet. Consumer purchasing was made available through a secure shopping cart program.
Link to live site: Live Site Currently Unavailable

Leaded Crystal Sports Clocks, ThoughtWorks LTD

Consumer Product Design and Photogrpahy

Designed a series of leaded crystal sports clocks which were sold at the popular retail store chain Things Remembered. All clocks made of leaded crystal, solid brass bases and wooden platforms. Responsibilities included conceptualizing, packaging design, sales materials, photography and sourcing.

Brand Identity

Muffin Head

Consumer Products

Product line of female accessories with attitude; sold at local boutique stores.

Expo Electrical

Service Industry

Industrial and Residential electricians specializing in sophisticated technologies.



Oldest brewer's guild in the Midwest.

images in Motion

Retail Product Brand

Consumer retail product brand campaign for a series of motion wall décor.

Inn the Doghouse

Pet Resort / Daycare

Pet Resort / Daycare Area business devoted to caring for the needs of dogs and cats; free-range life.

Champion Avenue Brewery

Small Batch Brewery

Ales and meads with a passion for blue ribbions in the realm of craft brewing.

Commercial Photography

Fine Art Photography

Self Promotion

Polaroid Emulsion Transfer using large format photography.

Product Photography

CAD Microphones

Digital and studio photography for packaging and website.

Product Photography


Product photography for a digital temperature display. Image was used in both packaging, sales material and websites.

Fine Art Photography

Self Promotion

Digital infared photograph.

Portrait Photography

RSTI Training

On location corporate headshot for marketing literature and website.

Fine Art Photography

Wedding Photography

Medium format film, hand printed and toned.

Product Photography

ThoughtWorks LTD

Cover for a brochure illustrating the motion theme for products and awards sold at retail.

Location Photography

ThoughtWorks LTD

Photograph series of Pikes Peak, Colorado. Was used in a lenticular 2 phase flip image. This was sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Location Photography

Duck Island, Outer Banks NC

During a visit to the Outer Banks, Dan was asked by a leasing company to photograph the view from a piece of rental property showing beautiful scenery and views. Having only a lens capable for a standard portrait, he came up with the joiner approach. This photo was printed and displayed in the company's main office.

More samples here: Commerical Photography Gallery »


Daniel Merk

Cleveland, OH

Having over 15 years experience clicking pixels to solve user journeys, Dan has been able to work with some of the best clients on the planet. Having worked with 3D Lenticular design and production for companies such as Disney, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, the NFL and NHL, his work has been seen by children to adults. He's been surround by visual diversity from a toy for a two year old, to a strategic brand campaign for a tool and die manufacturer. User interactivity skills through properly built user experience (UX) design is an expectation on every project. Also having also much passion for imagery allowed him to carry a camera professionally around with him to help clients see a better vision with their photography needs. Today Dan charters new waters witin the financial industry where his strategic planning, discovery and execution of anything UX will take DM Design to an experience near you.

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  • Progressive Insurance
  • CAD Professional Microphones
  • Hasbro
  • Thompson Hine LLP
  • ThoughtWorks LTD
  • Nottingham Spirk Design
  • Inn The Doghouse
  • Intwine
  • Reuben Group
  • CEACO Puzzles
  • Blip Toys
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Scheme Studio
  • Things Remembered
  • Successories

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